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Jewelry and architecture meet at an intersection of design, sharing form, structure and volume, this collection was inspired by Persian geometry.

Geometrical analysis of many Persian historical buildings has proven that a complete knowledge of proportions, in particular the Golden Ratio, was widely used in Persian art & architecture and it was the basis of Persian aesthetics.

By designing the geometry collection, Sanaz Doost tried to preserve and keep those magnificent art and architecture of her motherland, near to her heart.

Moshabak collection was inspired by Sanaz Doost’s childhood memories of her motherland Iran. Moshabak is the Persian word for reticular, which was a typical architectural element in walls and windows of old Persian houses and buildings. In other word, this geometric lattice element was a decorative artform with a complex geometric pattern and the reflection of light through this architectural element created a mesmerizing atmosphere in Persian houses.

Sanaz Doost designed this collection based on this memory of her childhood; I remember my grandfather’s house, while sunshine bathed the Persian carpets through the Moshabak windows, and I was dancing through that magic light show. Each piece of Moshabak collection creates a mesmerizing light show on the body of the wearer. Obviously, these pieces are not some regular pieces of jewelry, they are art to wear with the eye-catching manifest.

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Meet Sanaz

Sanaz’s educational background in Industrial design, philosophy of art and Jewelry design, paired with her love of architecture, geometric and heritage, results in contemporary wearable art pieces that are timeless, bold and eye-catching.

Sanaz design and make every jewel in 18K gold that are meant to last forever and pass through generations, in her studio at the heart to downtown Toronto, Canada.

Learn more about Sanaz and her story.

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