Sanaz Doost is a timeless, yet contemporary fine jewelry brand founded by multi award winning industrial & jewelry designer Sanaz Doost in Toronto, Canada. The brand was born out of her Love of ancient culture, heritage and design.

Prior to calling Toronto home, Sanaz was a global nomad, she left her motherland Iran in 2006 to study art & design. Sanaz began her career as an industrial designer, having received Bachelor of Industrial Design & Master of Philosophy of art. Her curiosity & passion for design led her to taking many courses in ancient metal smiting in ancient bazaars around the world and later studying Jewelry arts and getting a Jewelry design degree.

Sanaz creates meaningful, bold & eye-catching wearable art pieces handcrafted ethically in 18K gold at her atelier in Toronto. She pairs form and function into elegant pieces that are meant to last forever and pass through generations.

Her bold & Sculptural designs are inspired by ancient culture, art & architecture, all while maintaining meaningful, gold-centric pieces with impeccable attention to form & pattern. Each collection has a unique meaningful story behind, and all pieces are hand crafted ethically & locally in 18K gold at the Sanaz Doost atelier in Toronto, Canada

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My Goal

On the other hand, Sanaz is a superwoman, but without kryptonite. She is immune to technical constraints. As an artist, she constantly challenges herself to align her outputs with her daring creative ideas. Her multiple international design awards prove these.  However, Sanaz abandoned her global nomad lifestyle to launch her Toronto-based studio. After that, She fulfilled her dream of creating art jewelry that synthesizes elegant design with choice quality. The studio doubles up as a private showroom, meaning customers can browse and try on the jewellery on display whilst seeing the process of jewelry making.

Above all, In pursuit of boldness and ipseity, Sanaz creates designs that find a middle ground between classic and contemporary, stock and sparse. Her works are done exclusively with 18K solid gold with ethically sourced gemstones and there’s a unique story & meaning behind each of her jewelry pieces.

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