Badgir Ring

18K Solid Yellow Gold + Natural Amazonite, High Polished

CAD $2,950.00


This ring was inspired by "Badgir" which is a Persian word and means Wind-catcher. Badgir is a traditional Persian architectural design that creates natural ventilation in buildings. The basic design consists of a tower that rises from a building below, with openings at the top. Yazd, one of the largest cities in Iran, is known as the “City of Windcatchers.” It has a very hot and dry climate, perfect for this type of cooling device. Badgir ring is made of 18K yellow gold and natural amazonite.

  • 18K Yellow Gold + Natural Amazonite
  • Handmade in Toronto, CANADA.
  • Stamped with maker’s mark and 18K.
  • All products are made to order within 1 – 2 weeks.
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