T h e  D e s i g n e r

Sanaz Doost is a Persian Canadian multiple award-winning Industrial and jewelry designer who founded Sanaz Doost Atelier in Toronto, Canada. Her journey began as a global nomad in 2006, leaving her motherland Iran to explore the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe while studying art and design. She pursued a BA in industrial design and an MA in philosophy of art, immersing herself in ancient goldsmithing techniques in grand bazaars across the Middle East and Asia. Sanaz then ventured to North America to specialize in jewelry arts, culminating in the establishment of Sanaz Doost, her eponymous brand, in Toronto, Canada in 2021.

Sanaz Doost embodies the spirit of timeless elegance and modern sophistication in her creations, celebrating art, culture, and heritage through her bold, sculptural, and architectural fine jewelry collections. Inspired by her love for architecture, art, ancient culture and heritage, Sanaz meticulously sources and handcrafts gemstones, adorning them with her signature finish in fluid and delicate 18K gold structures. This process results in distinctly sculptural jewelry pieces that exude boldness and refinement.

Throughout her career, Sanaz has showcased her designs in prestigious fashion and jewelry weeks, including Munich Jewelry Week, Barcelona Jewelry Week, Roma Jewelry Week, New York Jewelry Week, Toronto Fashion Week, and more. Her exceptional designs have earned international recognition, including international awards such as the A’ Design Award.

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My Goal

On the other hand, Sanaz is a superwoman, but without kryptonite. She is immune to technical constraints. As an artist, she constantly challenges herself to align her outputs with her daring creative ideas. Her multiple international design awards prove these.  However, Sanaz abandoned her global nomad lifestyle to launch her Toronto-based studio. After that, She fulfilled her dream of creating art jewelry that synthesizes elegant design with choice quality. The studio doubles up as a private showroom, meaning customers can browse and try on the jewellery on display whilst seeing the process of jewelry making.

Above all, In pursuit of boldness and ipseity, Sanaz creates designs that find a middle ground between classic and contemporary, stock and sparse. Her works are done exclusively with 18K solid gold with ethically sourced gemstones and there’s a unique story & meaning behind each of her jewelry pieces.

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C r a f t s m a n s h i p

Sanaz Doost Atelier is nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto’s Jewelry & Fashion District. As a board member of the Canadian chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association and a member of both the Canadian Jewellers Association and the Society of North American Jewellers, Sanaz is deeply committed to industry excellence and ethical standards.

Acknowledging the importance of product engineering and design, Sanaz consistently challenges the limits of jewelry innovation. Every collection carries a narrative, tracing its journey from inception to the finished design. What remains consistent in her creations is the individualized craftsmanship, whether achieved through manual methods or specialized techniques, reflecting a deep-seated dedication to artisanal excellence.

As an independent fine jewelry brand specializing in limited edition pieces, we place great emphasis on meticulous details. Every aspect of the design process is carefully overseen, from hand-sketching each piece to collaborating directly with gem suppliers, cutters, and bench jewelers to bring our visions to vivid life. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that each piece meets our exacting criteria before it earns our seal of approval.

S u s t a i n a b i l i t y

Our jewelry is meticulously crafted in Toronto using ethically sourced materials, including natural gemstones and natural diamonds exclusively procured from suppliers who guarantee that our stones are free from conflict.

Believing in sustainability as a core value, Sanaz sources all materials locally and ethically within Canada. Through her commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and supporting ethical suppliers, she contributes to creating stunning, enduring, and environmentally conscious jewelry. Sanaz’s dedication to quality extends to offering a lifetime warranty on all products, which includes complimentary polishing and repairs, ensuring that each piece remains a timeless treasure for years to come.