Munich jewelry week 2021

Sanaz Doost fine jewelry proudly participates in Munich jewelry week 2021.

8-14 March 2021 / Munich, Germany

A proud moment for Sanaz Doost fine jewelry as the brand has been proudly part of Munich Jewelry week 2021 and her designs have been published in MJW magazine. Sanaz Doost’s whirling mushroom brooch, which is a spinning, acoustic brooch inspired by the swirling movement of mushroom growth, which is somehow like Sufi whirling, a physical active mediative practice that originated among certain Sufi groups, got lots of attention and positive feedback during the MJW. Munich jewelry week is dedicated to the most exquisite contemporary jewelry.

handcrafted jewelleryhandcrafted jewellery
A ‘design award of 2021Sanaz Doost fine jewelry wins “A ‘design award of 2021”; the highest achievement in design.