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The variety of these products handmade gold necklaces cause all customers meet their favourite necklaces, here are some of our outstanding products:

  • Peacock pendant in 18K solid gold and natural Amazonite.
  • Shams necklaces in 18K solid gold and natural Lapis lazuli.
  • Orosi Necklaces in 18K Yellow Gold and Natural Amazonite/
  • Eslimi Pearl Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold + Natural Baroque Pearl
  • Eyvan Necklaces in 18K Yellow Gold and Natural Amazonite
  • Eslimi Necklaces in 18K gold and natural diopside.
  • Moshabak Lapis Necklaces in 18K Yellow Gold + Natural Lapis Lazuli
  • Usually Our handmade gold Necklace and gold necklaces designed come with Natural Sapphire in different colour and shapes.

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    Most importantly, our custom pendent are handmade, stamped, and refined by our production team and categorized in 5 groups: Moshabak, Eslimi, Dome, Blossom and Geometry. The Shipping for handmade gold necklace is free. Delicacy and accuracy is our main job to create perfect jewelry we indeed crafted them by hand, and then threaded one by one.

    Sanazdoost's list of handmade jewelers and accessories make great. Clients will love their rolled gold jewelry decorated with genuine pearls and stones.

    above all, our Moshabak Collection held the title of best design in 2020 and won national prizes.

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