100% Made in Canada

All Sanaz Doost jewelries are “designed and made” by the founder and multiple award winning designer Sanaz Doost. At Sanaz Doost INC, we are seriously against sacrificing the environment to gain more profit. We do really care about our planet and that’s why we are not a fast fashion/throwaway brand. All of our pieces are 100%  designed and made ethically and locally in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Sanaz Doost INC is a sophisticated and meaningful brand that doesn’t create fast fashion, but art.

Conflict free & ethically sourced

Each piece has responsibly made from Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones and  ensures no metals go to waste in the process, because we strongly believe in quality over quantity.

Real Gold is endlessly Recyclable

We believe that jewellery should last forever and that is reflected in our timelessness designs and in the integrity of our materials by working in real gold; this naturally occurring and endlessly recyclable, precious metal. We deeply believe in buying less & buying better, therefore we design our pieces in a way to be worn, cherished, and passed on for the next generations to enjoy. In our opinion, without hesitation or doubt, the world should not be harmed in the name of fashion or luxury. As such we are embracing the challenge of changing our business to be as sustainable as possible.We believe that we should preserve and restore the earth as nature, and we undertake wherever possible to source and produce in materials that have already been extracted, rather than continuing to mine limited resources.

Eco friendly jewelry studio

Sanaz Doost is not just a designer, she has academic background in goldsmithing as well, she has studied Jewelry arts; a 3 years program at George brown college of Toronto and she’s serious about having an eco friendly jewelry studio. That’s why at Sanaz Doost jewelry studio we only use:

  1. DIY eco-friendly pickle and avoid chemicals at all costs.
  2. Up-cycle and repurpose gemstones.
  3. Dish soap in the tumblr instead of tumbling compound as much as possible.
  4. Limit plastic in packaging and use recyclable packaging.
    and many more…

We are aware that we are not perfect at being eco-friendly but we are trying our best to practice responsible & sustainable jewelry making everyday to reach our best as soon as we can.